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The Architectural Portraits
Lithographs, Ink Drawings, and Etchings

This is a virtual gallery of architectural portraits depicting sites in America and abroad. Some of the drawings were published in the two books of lithographs and narrative, Lands of Washington: Impressions in Ink (1972), and Oxford and the English Countryside: Impressions in Ink (1974). Others appeared in Math and the Mona Lisa: the Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci (2004) . Others still represent miscellaneous drawings heretofore unpublished or quick sketches from my sketchbooks. Of the one hundred images, all but three were created on location. The sketches of the Uygur Tribesman and the Chinese Monk, both based on National Geographic photographs, and the sketch of Einstein, inspired by a 1947 Yousuf Karsh photograph, "hang" in Room 9 (Sketchbooks 1 & 2). Finally, there is included in the collection one oil painting, the Mayflower (reconstructed), the ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. To see the works, click on any Room of the Gallery and roll over the thumbnail images. The Mayflower appears in the slide show on this page, and in Room 5 of the Gallery.

I am grateful to Sara Clark, talented artist and painting instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University, for first characterizing the drawings as "architectural portraits."