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math and the mona lisa
The Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci

by Bulent Atalay
Scientist - Artist


Math and the Mona Lisa

Now Available in Print
a Smithsonian Books publication

Available in 2008

by Bulent Atalay and Keith Wamsley
a National Geographic Books publication

Leonardo's Universe

Reviews for Math and the Mona Lisa

"The broad sweep of Professor Atalay's brilliant mind brings us an approach to understanding the Vincian genius that is so insightful, so original and so well-reasoned that it immediately becomes an essential volume in the canon of Leonardiana. I read this monumental achievement in awe of the author's perceptions."

— Sherwin B. Nuland, Professor Emeritus of Surgery,
Yale University; recipient of 1994 National Book Award; author, Leonardo da Vinci

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"A masterful examination of the differences and similarities in the sciences and the arts, as embodied by that genius of both fields: Leonardo da Vinci. Professor Bulent Atalay has penetrated Leonardo's mind, in a way that is both highly readable and very informative."

—Jamie Wyeth, distinguished American artist.

Atalay Interviews

"Leonardo is the prototype for the renaissance man — artist, architect, philosopher, scientist, writer. There are few like him today, but Atalay is indeed a modern renaissance man, and he invites us to tap the power of synthesis that is Leonardo's model." 

—William D. Phillips, 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics

Math and the Mona Lisa Order

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Now in 11 Languages

Hardback edition released April 15, 2004, Smithsonian Books (Seventh printing) • Paperback edition released March 2006, Smithsonian-HarperCollins (Fourth printing)

Currently released: Korean • Turkish (Third printing)
• Japanese (Second printing)
• Simplified Chinese (Beijing) • Portuguese
Pending release —
Russian • Czech • Slovak
• Complex Chinese (Taiwan) • Spanish


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